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Blizzard Snowmobile Club 

    The Club was formed in 1968. During this time the club promoted the sport of snowmobiling. Their main goal was to include the whole family in the sport of snowmobiling. Volunteers educated the youth in the safe operation of a snowmobile, and this is still being done in 1998. The early 1990's 100 miles of groomed snowmobile trails were established in Martin County. We connect up with Iowa trails and bordering counties to the East, which lead to many other trail systems.

To acquire a map email:


Club Officers: PRESIDENT: Bob Petrowiak 507-238-5481  

V. PRESIDENT: John Tietje 507-238-4617

SECRETARY: Tom Kellander 507-773-4275 

TREASURER: Ed Langford 507-238-1412 

TRAILS ADMINISTRATOR: Greg Gellert 507-238-2190 


Club meeting are the 1st Monday of every Month. The month's of November through April meetings are held at Tami's on the Ave. located at 2710 Albion Ave. Fairmont. The months of May through October the meetings are held The Goose, 1500 Albion Ave. Fairmont, MN. 

Meetings start at 7:30pm. (NOTE MEETING LOCATION  CHANGE).